Custom patches made by me

June 07, 2018 Evil Kannevil 0 Comments

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Lolzz once again  Welcome to tech with Kannevil here are three patches made by me which was approved by Lucky patcher you can download this patches from lucky patcher official site or within the app itself by updating custom patches.

  • Custom Patch For Photo Editor HDR FX V1.8.2

App URL:click here to download this app  (Play Store Link)
App Version: V1.8.2 I only checked this app in this version it may or may not work in future
Patch Description: I designed this patch to make this app ad free.(by disabling ads activity)
[Download this patch] (Direct link)

  • Custom Patch For Malayalam Keyboard V3.1.17

App Name: Malayalam keyboard(Manglish)
App URL: click here to download this app
App Version: 3.1.17
Patch Description: This patch was also made to disable ads in this app
[Download this patch] (Direct link)

  • Custom Patch For ZombieBooth 2 V1.0.6

App Name: Zombiebooth 2

App Version: v 1.0.6
Patch Description: With this patch you can unlock items from this store.
[Download this patch] (Direct link)

Upcoming patches
I will make more patches if i got enough time or you can comment here if u want me to make patch for apps which is not in lucky patcher.
Thanks for your support๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ.

Please Note: All this patches was made for education purposes only.