How to connect with pc without using usb cable

June 08, 2018 Evil Kannevil 0 Comments

Xender web- With this feature u can connect your device with PC and can use it like while u connected it via a USB cable actually much more features than it. You can also use share-it app to connect with PC like this but here I use xender app for it. Follow my instructions given below⇓⇓  
Note: You don't need mobile data to use xender web.

If u don't have this app u can download from playstore

  • First open your Xender app and open options tab then select more option there u can see connect to PC like this.⇧⇧

  • Then click on the create hotspot button
  • You can use both hotspot and wifi to do this here i use a hotspot connection.
  • Now open your wireless network tab and connect with network starting with xender  
  • your next step is go to a web browser I use chrome and search for this address while connected to this wireless network
  • wait for a moment and if u done all this things correctly a pop up window will appear on your phone 

  • Now tap the accept button .
That's all for establish a connection and now you can start sending and receiving  files.Once u connected you can bookmark the page and easily access it.

Special features-
After you are connected you can remotely play your images from your phone  into your pc 

  • Just select to play images directly into your pc 

Your image will be instantly  played on your pc like this⇊⇊ 

Play music without sending-
U can play music on your pc even without sending using xender web because of the super speed feature of this app.

Access content-
like you are connect via a usb cable. You can save ,delete files just like u do when connect via a usb cable.

Upload files back-
You can also sent files back to your device using the upload button.

Seperate files into categories-
It also separate files into different categories such as images,videos,music documents ,zips and APK's. So it is easier to find than using a usb cable.

I hope after reading this article you will you this feature if u don't have a usb cable,as it is a perfect alternative and a lot more than an alternative.✌ 💃💃