How to create your own QR code for free

June 22, 2018 Evil Kannevil 0 Comments

Everyone know what is a quick response code or a QR code, so I'm not giving an introduction. We  can directly enter into this topic. You must have seen QR code on most of things you purchase they are even on your tickets you bought. But do you know that the can be created by this this simple steps.

Just follow this instructions↡
You can find alternative QR code generator sites at the end of this article

1- How to create an offline QR code

After clicking on the above link you will land u on a page like this.
  • For creating an offline  QR code just click on the text button
  • Type you text and press enter.

  • Now scroll down and click on the download QR code button select the format if you want to download you QR code as an image click on the PNG option and enjoy!

2-How to create a QR code with a URL  

  • To make a QR code with URL first click on the URL option.
  • Now enter the URL and press enter.

  • Now you can see a live preview on your right side just you can download your QR code directly from there or you can optimise it clicking on the Design your QR code button.

  • Now you can customize its Shape,logo,Colour etc 
  • Take a Screenshot or download it and 

Alternative links for QR code generating sites online

1- QR Code Generator PRO

2- Kaywa QR code Generator

3- QR code Generator free

That's it enjoy ✌✌✌