How to save whatsapp statuses without using other apps

June 13, 2018 Evil Kannevil 1 Comments

On last year whatsapp has launched an update which enabled users to put videos,images and gifs. Everyone find it more useful than text only status which was in the older version of whatsapp.

Whatsapp only enabled users to view status updates but they can't save it. In India most of the people are updating their statuses with viral videos,trolls ,status videos instead of  putting personal matters as status. Which forced the users to save/download those status using apps for whatsapp like status saver,status downloader etc.

I don't know what the use of these apps if users can simply save it using their file manager. Fact is this apps are getting millions of downloads which means most of this people don't this trick.

Note: You must have a file manager installed from playstore as in built file managers prevent users from accessing files starting with (.) dots.

Steps to follow to do this trick-

  • Just open the whatsapp app and see some status 
      I'm going to save this status ↓↓↓

  • Now go to your file manager and browse this location Internal storage>WhatsApp>Media>.Statuses 
  • Please make sure that Show my hidden files option is active.Without this you won't be able to do the remaining steps. 

  •  Browse and find the file which you want to save.
  • Click the copy button

  • In-order to save it copy and paste it to another locations such as DCIM you can use your own custom locations 
  • That's all now that image is in my gallery and I can view it whenever I want.
Important note- If u want to save a status you must do this steps before it disappears from whatsapp status as u got only 24 hrs of time.

By following this steps you can simply save GIFs images and videos
  •  You must ensure that the video which u want to save was completely loaded on your phone.
  • Now open your file manager browse and find your file
  • Copy and paste it to a custom location and enjoy📱📱.
  • After coping this out of the .status folder it will be visible on your gallery 
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