How to scan for virus online using a web browser

June 15, 2018 Evil Kannevil 0 Comments

Almost all of us have installed an antivirus for protection in most of our devices and it is recommended to,but your antivirus can't detect all of the virus which are in the vast world. About 1 million virus are made each and every day. And you can't update your antivirus and then restart your machine every time you login.

Imagine that you download a software from a trusted site. And your antivirus shows that that file is infected with virus it must be a false positive.Want to know what must be your next step?

Just use online virus scanning services like Virustotal ,kaspersky,Virusdesk  etc
I have tested many online services but I found virustotal as the best because it is fast and it test your file with 67 engines and shows you the result.
Note: This most not be used as an alternative to an antivirus because only it can give you live protection.

To do an online virus scan for a particular file just follow this simple steps ⇩⇩

  • If u want to virus scan a particular file just click on the choose file button.
  • Now browse the location of the file to check I am using a .exe file to do this virus test

  • Within some seconds you will get your results be on the screen.
My tested file was detected as virus by 8/67 antivirus engines if u ask me personally it is a safer level because this 8 engines must be reported it as false positive. Well it is up to you

  • You must check its full result and if more than 50 engines detect it as clean with a green tick mark it is safer to use
By using this method you can test a particular before you download from an untrusted site
  • Just click on the URL option or the search option 
  • now enter the URL link and click the search button
I am taking my blog's URL as an example now we can see  the results.

As expected the URL which I tested is marked safe by all of the antivirus engines.
Hope  U find this article as useful...