How to make youtube adfree using Youtube Vanced

May 07, 2019 Evil Kannevil 0 Comments

As the youtube is a free service it has inbuilt ads in it. Even though all the content creators and google relies on its ads ,they are frustrating to all who use it.This ads are always annoying,they have also placed ads in between videos and you must wait till they had played they ad to skip it who wants it so I have come with a way to disable all the ads and to unlock some bonus features like background playing using Youtube vanced apk.

Youtube vanced is a modded version of youtube developed by xda Developers.
Not only this version is ad free it also lets you to save videos offline which is again a premium feature,supports background play(Can continue playing videos even if you turned your device screen off.)

I Am using this modded version of youtube for about 6 months and it's the only bug free version that I have found in the internet. I have also tested this version on my Redmi 6 pro and it works flawlessly.Youtube Vanced also contains an additional settings menu.

To make youtube ad free just install the modded version of youtube from the links given at the end of the page also you must download and install Micro G app from here if you want to login to a youtube account.

Micro G is a clone for google play service plugin used for login to youtube account.

Installing of youtube vanced does not require the official version of youtube to be uninstalled.

                       Download Links 
  • Youtube Vanced
                                    Youtube vanced
  • Micro G         
                       Micro G

Hope that this post was useful for all.